Discover the Best of Bordeaux's Vineyards at Les Sources de Caudalie

31 March 2023
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Set in idyllic surroundings in the heart of the vineyards of Bordeaux, Les Sources de Caudalie is the ideal hotel for a stay that combines relaxation and discovery.

The word “caudalie” takes its roots in Latin, “cauda’” meaning “tail”: it is nowadays used as a unit of measurement to describe the length of a wine’s finish, how long the aromas of a given wine will develop in the mouth and reveal its complexities. This goes to show that it is not too far a stretch to assert that Les Sources de Caudalie has gone to great lengths to make sure that wine enthusiasts’ thirst, for knowledge and for the region’s burgundy elixir, will both be quenched. The hotel is located in Martillac, at the very heart of Bordeaux's vineyards and at the crossroads of the Haut-Médoc, the Graves regions and the city of Saint-Emilion for guests to treat their palate like nowhere else in the world.

One-of-a-kind activities for Guests to Make the Most of their Stay amongst the Bordeaux Vineyards

When staying at Les Sources de Caudalie, a range of activities is available for guests to explore oenology in the expert hands of the hotel’s exceptional staff. The domain’s Head Sommelier Aurélien Farrouil offers wine-tasting courses, not just ‘sessions’, insofar as participants will have access to the “Tasting Tower'' of the hotel and will benefit from a one and a half-hour course in an accessible, convivial environment. Bordeaux vineyards’ culture is so complex that it can sometimes come across as quite daunting, hence why this course was created so that burning questions will be answered to approach the subtle art of appreciating a Bordeaux wine and mastering oenological vocabulary. What is a ‘disque’ when swirling the wine in a glass? What do the words ‘millesime’ or ‘appellation’ actually mean? For how long can you keep a bottle of wine? Why do some wines need to be opened before tasting, and why don't some? How do you pair a wine with a specific dish? Aurélien will be happy to answer all those questions whilst trying different wines to support his explanations.

Bordeaux Vineyards and its Grand Crus: Understanding and Tasting Wines Beyond Compare

Les Sources de Caudalie are neighbors to none other than Château Smith Haut Lafitte, which has been producing Grand Cru Classé de Graves, the highest class for wines on both French and international stages, ever since this prestigious status was created in 1855. Luckily, this sanctuary of wine-making excellency opens its doors for guided tours by appointment, which will gladly be arranged by the hotel concierge service. The castle tour opens the gates of its XVIth century tower, its Bordeaux vineyards, its vat room and, perhaps most interestingly, its underground cellars where one thousand barrels of both white and red wines are kept. To finish off this tour on a high note, visitors will be able to taste for themselves why Château Smith Haut Lafitte has the most distinguished title in the wine-making world by tasting the first and second wines of the estate.


Every Saturday morning,the hotel offers a cooking class with members of the two-Michelin star Chef Nicolas Masse’s team, who runs Les Sources de Caudalie exclusive restaurant: La Grand’Vigne. From 10AM to 1PM, student guests will be immersed in the world of high gastronomy and Bordeaux wine-pairing. Under the careful and friendly supervision of the restaurant’s Sous-Chefs, guests will be taught how to reproduce the best recipes from the restaurant’s menu, before reaping the rewards of their hard work with a congratulatory lunch at the very restaurant La Grand’Vigne.

This house dedicated to the art of living in the vineyards is a true haven of peace for anyone looking for a change of scenery and relaxation. It is also the ideal starting point for a visit to the vineyards in Bordeaux and the discovery of the region, in an atmosphere of luxury and ultimate relaxation.