Open every day
Sunday to Thursday: 11am-6pm
Kitchen: 12:00-17:15

Friday and Saturday: 11am-10pm

Kitchen: 12:00-21:15

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Gourmet grocery shop & wine bar


Discover our gourmet grocery and wine bar ROUGE, 

a place to live and share where people drink,
enjoy and make the most of good times with family and friends.

Enjoy a famous café croissant a little late, taste a glass of Bordeaux wine at the counter, have lunch or dinner on the terrace in fine weather...


ROUGE is a friendly and relaxed place to live 

where you can enjoy yourself at any time of the day.

While the libraries of regional wines and dishes 

our taste buds, we enjoy eating on the spot or in the 

to fill his basket to enjoy his finds to take away.

Discover all our