French Paradox

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The bar

of French Paradox

Enter a timeless space.
Designed as a separate room, French Paradox bar houses an elegant setting and offers an intimate and cosy atmosphere with a focus on quality materials.

Here, materials collide: the combination of wood and rope on the armchairs and the velvet on the benches create a brilliant cocktail of different worlds. A vast oak bookcase fills the space, and makes us feel the delicious vertigo of time through an eclectic collection of decorative objects.
The three types of wood on the floor, combined in an art deco design, are reminiscent of the Villa Necchi in Milan.

Optimal conditions to introduce anyone to the art of tasting.

With its precious bottles, Le French Paradox is full of possibilities.


Treat yourself to the luxury of choosing between tasty cocktails born from the imagination of mixology virtuosos or to taste an exclusive collection of old Armagnacs, Cognacs, Whiskies and other eaux de vie passerillées.


Our bar also offers a wide selection of wines from the prestigious Pessac-Leognan appellation, both white and red, which will delight the taste buds of the most discerning oenophiles.


Our French Paradox bar is accessible for people with reduced mobility.

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