A virtuous circle in the vineyard hotels

26 January 2024
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Les Hôtels du Vignoble live in harmony with nature and uphold a philosophy that respects all living things. Anchored in a responsible vision, every purchase is made with a conscience: the origin of everything purchased is known, and above all, their recycling or reuse is possible.

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Purity in every room

In each of our rooms at the Vineyard Hotels, you can quench your thirst with our own spring water—pure, filtered, and served in glass bottles immediately sterilized after use. This initiative aims to reduce our ecological footprint and promote more responsible consumption.

Respectful shower care

In the bathroom, our shower care products are packaged in plastic containers made from corn starch, which are entirely recycled and recyclable. They are reusable: we disinfect and refill them very regularly. In this way, every gesture contributes to minimising our impact on the environment.

SapoCycle: recycling our solid soaps

As for our used soaps, they get a second life thanks to SapoCycle, an organisation that transforms them and then redistributes them free of charge to those who need them. In 2022, 63 kilos of Sources de Caudalie soaps were recycled and redistributed, and that's just the beginning...

From garden to plate

Inaugurated in 2014, the first garden of the Sources de Caudalie was initially attached to La Grand’Vigne. A year later, it expanded to settle in the heart of the adjacent hotel park, giving birth to the Bee Garden. Comprising a vegetable garden, an orchard, and a farm with around twenty laying hens, it supplies the hotel kitchens with fruits, vegetables, herbs, and eggs. The quality, traceability, and freshness of the products are thus guaranteed while adhering to a short supply chain. In addition to common varieties, the garden also cultivates rarer species such as kale, elephant garlic, vegetable oyster, and the Russian black tomato. On the other side, in the orchard, fruit trees, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries thrive, protected by beehives that ensure a bountiful harvest throughout the year. Pesticide-free and treated with products approved for organic farming, the Bee Garden perfectly embodies the eco-responsible approach of the Palace des Vignes.

Société Elise: recycling our waste

We sort and recycle all types of waste through Elise (cardboard, paper, plastic, wood, aluminium and glass). We receive precise monthly reports on the tonnage recycled. This recycling enables us to create stable jobs for people in difficulty of integration, most often because of disability. 

La Cravate Solidaire: a second life for our uniforms

La Cravate Solidaire collects the old uniforms of our dowsers to give them to people in precarious situations so that they can pass their job interviews in the best possible conditions.

Active participation of guests

As for our guests, they also play their part in protecting nature by cycling around the estate, or by limiting the frequency with which they change their towels if they so wish. Encouraging these small individual actions helps to instil a culture of environmental responsibility among our visitors.

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