It's tea time at Les Sources de Caudalie

6 December 2023
Tea Time

When the vines take on their golden hue, there's no doubt that autumn is well and truly upon us. A roaring fire, soft velvet cushions, a comforting hot drink and we're ready to enjoy a delicious tea time.


We invite you to every Saturday afternoon  for an unparalleled sensory experience at the French Paradox bar.. The menu offers an intoxicating variety of hot drinks, each paired with the unique pastry creations of the talented Chef Anthony Chenoz. And for the more festive, a champagne glass version is possible. From flan pâtissier to lemon tart, black forest or tatin revisited, sweet tooths are in for a treat. It's the perfect way to reconnect with the pleasures of childhood until spring.


Once the sweet delights have enchanted your taste buds, the invitation to relaxation extends into the establishment's enchanting park. It invites you to a soothing stroll amidst nature. It's a striking opportunity to discover or rediscover the subtleties of the vineyards of Château Smith Haut Lafitte, stretching harmoniously as far as the eye can see, while admiring the artistic installations scattered in the surroundings, each piece telling its own story and infusing a special magic into this preserved natural setting.


The Tea Time experience at the French Paradox bar offers two options:

€38 per person: Includes a hot beverage and four exquisite pastries.

€58 per person: Enhance your experience with a glass of champagne.


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About Les Sources de Caudalie :


Nestling in the heart of the prestigious Château Smith Haut Lafitte vineyards, Les Sources de Caudalie invites you to enjoy a complete and refined escape.

The splendor of the experience also unfolds through exceptional gastronomy. The establishment proudly hosts the two Michelin-starred restaurant La Grand’Vigne, where culinary creativity meets the passion for local terroir, and La Table du Lavoir, authentically portraying the essence of regional flavors with rustic authenticity. The enchanting atmosphere of ROUGE, both a wine bar and grocery store, offers a true gustatory journey to discover local wine treasures and gourmet delights.


Dedicated to the 'Art of the Vine', every corner of Les Sources de Caudalie is a celebration of wine tourism. The commitment to this passion extends beyond the culinary delights, with the Spa Vinothérapie, a sanctuary dedicated to Caudalie's unique treatments that harness the moisturising, anti-ageing and antioxidant properties of grapes.


To further enhance this unforgettable experience, a plethora of activities awaits guests. From indoor and outdoor swimming pools with their evocative charms, a farm and garden revealing the secrets of the surrounding nature, cookery classes inviting guests to discover local flavours, wine tastings shedding light on the subtleties of regional vintages, sporting activities offering an energising interlude, to personalised coaching sessions for a tailor-made experience, every moment is transformed into an exquisite adventure.


And this invitation to escape doesn’t limit itself to the establishment's borders. The exploration of the sumptuous Bordeaux region beckons, with visits to historically rich châteaux, excursions into the vibrant city of Bordeaux, fascinating discoveries in the Arcachon Basin, charming wanderings in Saint-Émilion, and beyond, offering an endless array of discoveries and memorable experiences.