A gourmet Christmas with Chef Anthony Chenoz

14 December 2023
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At a time when the Christmas trees begin to adorn themselves with twinkling garlands, Les Sources de Caudalie unveils an unprecedented Yule log, redolent with childhood memories.


How Pastry Chef Anthony Chenoz sees the famous dessert that rounds off a festive Christmas meal?


He sees it as flavorful, thanks to the use of noble raw materials. First, there's Juan Gonzales' honey, produced just 20 kilometers from Les Sources de Caudalie. The artisan and the Head Pastry Chef have chosen chestnut honey for its assertive and woody notes. Then, staying within the Vineyard Land, amidst the parcels of Château Smith Haut Lafitte, Anthony harvests ripe yuzus for this special occasion.


It's light, where the zesty notes of yuzu complement the indulgence of chestnut honey. A delightful Christmas dessert, lightly tangy and woody, thanks to the addition of roasted vanilla completing the trio. A Yule log that stands out from the more traditional ones with chocolate, praline, or red fruit.


Perfectly uniform, served in individual portions. The Head Pastry Chef loves when the visual presentation on the final plate remains harmonious. To achieve this, he opts for a dessert where individual portions combine to form the final Yule log.


Nostalgic, and for this, nothing beats the universe of honey and the hive to remind us of childhood visuals.


A graphic and luminous Yule log that we eagerly await to savor on Christmas Eve at the table of the 2-star Michelin restaurant La Grand'Vigne.


Through this exquisite creation, Head Pastry Chef Anthony Chenoz invites us on a sensory journey, a gustatory symphony where flavors intertwine to evoke the very spirit of the holiday season. Each carefully chosen element for this Christmas Yule log speaks volumes of the establishment's profound commitment to valorizing regional treasures and offering an authentic and refined culinary experience. The delicate marriage between chestnut honey with its woody notes and the zesty yuzu peels evokes a harmonious balance between tradition and creativity, paying homage to gourmet pleasures revisited with elegance. This Yule log, a true culinary work of art, not only promises delight for the taste buds but also a visual feast, a pledge of enchanted moments to be shared during the Christmas feast at the prestigious restaurant La Grand‘Vigne**.



About Les Sources de Caudalie :


Nestling in the heart of the prestigious Château Smith Haut Lafitte vineyards, Les Sources de Caudalie invites you to enjoy a complete and refined escape.


The splendor of the experience also unfolds through an exceptional gastronomic offering. The establishment proudly hosts the double-starred restaurant, La Grand’Vigne, where culinary creativity meets a passion for local produce. Additionally, there's La Table du Lavoir, portraying with rustic authenticity the essence of regional flavors. The enchanting atmosphere of ROUGE, serving as both a wine bar and a grocery, offers a true gustatory journey to discover local wine treasures and gourmet delights.


Dedicated to the 'Art of the Vine', every corner of Les Sources de Caudalie is a celebration of wine tourism. The commitment to this passion extends beyond the culinary delights, with the Spa Vinothérapie, a sanctuary dedicated to Caudalie's unique treatments that harness the moisturising, anti-ageing and antioxidant properties of grapes.