Hugo Clément sponsors Sources Académie

25 October 2023

For the 2023-2024 season, he will be the patron of the Sources Academy,the Palace of Vines is delighted to welcome Hugo Clément as its patron. Hugo has accepted to sponsor the Sources Academy to support and encourage the teams in their efforts to reduce environmental impact.


Championing eco-responsibility: Hugo Clément's role at Les Sources de Caudalie


Hugo Clément is a prominent figure in the world of journalism and environmental activism. With a deep-seated passion for investigative reporting and a commitment to raising awareness about environmental issues, Clément has carved a unique path in the media landscape. His journey began in journalism, where he honed his skills as a reporter and correspondent for leading French news outlets. However, it was his work covering critical environmental topics that truly set him apart. His groundbreaking investigative reports, often filmed in challenging and remote locations, have shed light on issues such as climate change, deforestation, and wildlife conservation.


Beyond his role as a journalist, Hugo Clément has become an advocate for environmental conservation. He uses his platform to draw attention to the urgent need for sustainability and the protection of our planet. His documentaries and interviews with experts in the field have inspired many to take action and make more environmentally responsible choices in their daily lives.


His commitment to sustainability and efforts to reduce environmental impact have led to his role as the patron of the Sources Academy at Les Sources de Caudalie for the 2023-2024 season. He will interact with the teams several times a year to continue the work of raising awareness and reflection on topics concerning eco-responsibility.


Elevate employees' experience with Sources Academy


At Les Sources de Caudalie, we're committed to providing an exceptional experience for our guests, and that commitment begins with our dedicated team. Central to our pursuit of excellence is the Sources Academy, a one-of-a-kind training initiative that embodies our unwavering dedication to guest satisfaction. Through Sources Academy, our employees embark on a continuous journey of learning and growth. Our comprehensive approach to training includes two vital components. First, we collaborate with external trainers who are esteemed experts in their respective fields. They provide our team with certifications that ensure they remain at the forefront of industry standards. Additionally, our most experienced employees play a crucial role by sharing their knowledge through intra-company training, fostering a culture of mentorship and collaboration.


Eco-Label certification: our pledge to green tourism


In June 2023, we proudly achieved the prestigious Eco-Label certification, marking the culmination of two decades of unwavering dedication to green tourism. At Les Sources de Caudalie, we understand the significance of responsible and sustainable practices in the hospitality industry. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is deeply ingrained in our ethos, and this certification underscores our dedication to reducing our ecological footprint.


The European Ecolabel stands as the sole official ecological label adopted across all Member States. Designed to promote products and services that embody environmental excellence with minimal impact, it serves as a symbol of distinction. This coveted certification is awarded for a period of two years and is renewable through a new audit. The criteria are regularly reviewed to ensure that high standards are continuously upheld. We're proud to carry this emblem of excellence, and it signifies our ongoing commitment to providing eco-conscious experiences for our guests.


Our environmental approach