Stir forth thy well-being within our sanctuaries of serenity: explore our extraordinary activities and Spas!

20 February 2024

To rejuvenate, rediscover oneself, and reconnect with one's inner self: that is what we aspire to offer you during your experience at the Sources de Caudalie and the Sources de Cheverny.
Far beyond mere places of relaxation, our establishments provide a genuine holistic retreat centered around well-being.


A complete urban disconnection

Upon arrival in our timeless domains, with an invitation to repose, contemplate, and indulge in epicureanism. A period chateau, elegant cabins, stone houses, a bicentennial forest, and a lake form an idyllic setting conducive to disconnection. Here, well-being is not merely conceived as a peaceful escape but as an experience that touches the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic realms.


Our Spas: the source of natural energy

Nestled amidst the vineyards, our Spas offer a moment of escape through the benefits of Caudalie treatments. Nature becomes the source of revitalizing energy, and the very essence of well-being is rediscovered. A pool, outdoor hot tub, barrel bath, basin, and hammam create an inviting environment for absolute relaxation.

Through our Spas, we aim to provide quality treatments while creating a true sensory experience amidst an exceptional natural setting.


Holistic experiences: yoga, sophrology, sylvotherapy

Our establishments go even further in wellness by offering diverse holistic experiences to urban dwellers seeking a deeper connection with nature.

At Les Sources de Cheverny, each month, a guided yoga retreat is organized every month, led by teachers with varied backgrounds and training. Two to three days of well-being and detox to achieve total harmony of body and mind! To enhance energy and immune system, this retreat is accompanied by the delicious and generous cuisine of the talented Chef Frederic Calmels.

At the Sources de Caudalie, yoga classes are available once a week or upon request, allowing you to fully embrace the holistic experience at your own pace.

Sophrology, a relaxation technique based on breathing, is facilitated by Philippe, the certified sophrologist at the Sources de Cheverny. An hour of practice awakens the senses, listens to emotions, and achieves serenity, providing better self-awareness to face daily challenges.

Finally, sylvotherapy, or forest bathing, is offered at both our establishments. This practice allows a reconnection to nature through guided multisensory activities. Originating from Japan, this practice promotes stress reduction, soothing, and the production of happiness hormones.


Immerse yourself in a universe where every detail is designed to allow you to fully rejuvenate, whether through treatments or activities. By embracing this holistic approach to well-being, you will have the opportunity to revitalize your mind, soothe your body, and reconnect with your inner energy.


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