29 April 2022

"Giving back to nature what it gives us every day"..


In 2019, we put down these words as a motto, a motto to describe our environmental approach. These small or large actions, which have been in place for several years, with the aim of protect this nature that surrounds us and that we cherish so much.

However, the commitment does not end there. The story continues and with it the desire to always do more, to always do better, in order to offer you a better service. an ethical and sustainable experience.


A look back at the 5 sustainable projects that have come into being, or have become established, at Les Sources de Caudalie since 2019.


Our shower treatments


They arrived this summer and have taken up residence in every bathroom in the hotel! You may have noticed them if you were here in August? Our shower care products now come in large containers to reduce the amount of plastic used. Made from corn starch, these containers are fully recycled and recyclable. To go even further and reduce plastic waste as much as possible, we have opted for a refillable bottle formula.


The Conservatory of Taste


In 2015, the vegetable garden, the beehives and the small farm of the Jardin des Abeilles were created with the aim of reducing the importation of products and supplying the kitchens with fresh eggs, fruits, vegetables and edible flowers: maximum freshness on the plate while having zero transport.

For more than three years, we have chosen to further our approach by joining forces with Rachel, founder of the Conservatoire du Goût. Rachel accompanies us in the work of our vegetable garden and militates for the preservation of varieties, as a duty towards our gustatory heritage. Today, there are more than 250m² of organically cultivated land that supplies the kitchens. With our Chef Nicolas Masse, a real joint reflection has been set up in order to select and grow the best varieties of each fruit, each vegetable and each edible flower offered on the plate.


One meat product


At La Grand'Vigne, our 2-star restaurant, the Chef voluntarily integrates a single animal protein from meat products in every 5 or 7 steps, all of which are worked with breeders who respect animal welfare. The weight is also monitored, in order to have a reasoned approach to the carbon impact.


A circular logic for our bio-waste


With the vegetable garden, a circular logic has naturally been put in place: all the green waste is brought to the compost created by Château Smith Haut Lafitte. The following year, the vegetable gardens benefit from this organic compost and are covered with vine shreds, the RCW. This mulch is particularly beneficial, as it is a multi-layered and stringy mixture, which allows a better contribution to the soil and guarantees the good health of our vegetables.


A solidarity partnership with Elise


In the same perspective, the recycling of all types of waste has been studied to the maximum. A partnership has been signed with Elise in order to optimise recycling in our House while creating stable jobs for people who have difficulty integrating into society, usually because of disability. Every month, cardboard, paper, plastic, wood and aluminium are sorted and collected at the Sources de Caudalie, then recycled by Elise. Simple and transparent reporting allows our teams to monitor the environmental and social benefits of their actions. A communication that enhances and motivates our daily actions!