A new decoration

23 June 2022
A facelift: the reception, 22 rooms and suites in the Bastide des Grands Crus and Comptoir des Indes, as well as the La Grand'Vigne** restaurant and the French Paradox bar have all been completely redesigned. Discover a place of elegance and modernism, with clean lines.
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Sobriety and serenity
New interiors by Delphine Sauvaget and created with Alice Tourbierhave each been imagined as cocoonsplaces where unwindentirely turned towards natureIn an environment where the vines are king.
With a determination to keep the soul and the spirit of the place, the decoration is both warm and timelessand made the hotel a a family home where you feel at home.
A discreet luxurynon-ostentatious, which makes the lion's share of quality materials without derogating from the rule of comfort. 
L'art is at the heart of the experience: objets d'art, woven textiles and unique paintings coexist with pieces highly inspiring from antique furniture or designed especially for the hotel. Take, for example, the majestic carpet that reigns supreme at the entrance to the hotel, created by Lia Rochas and made to measure by Ateliers Pinton, or luminaires Hiromi and Condition Origin specially designed for the hotel.
Absolute comfort in dreamland
In the bedrooms, the decor is both inspired and inspiring: the ash wood headboards contrast with the mineral colours and earthy walls, while the precious textiles from Bruder Fabrics come soften and reheat parts.

In collaboration with the French galleryIn each room, Delphine Sauvaget offers a delicate selection of wines and spirits. unique paintings creating a harmonious whole.
A discreet luxury for a refinement in every detail.

A top-flight dinner at the 2-star Michelin restaurant


At La Grand'Vigne, just like the cuisine of Chef Nicolas Masse, the decor is purified Nature reigns supreme, without artifice, like a return to the essentials. Visit decorative objectss, the luminaires and thetableware available in pure colours and mineral make it an ideal setting for dining in a relaxed elegant atmosphere and wraparound.


Tasting precious bottles according to the rules of the art
Designed as a separate room, the bar at the French Paradox exudes a unique atmosphere. intimate and hushed.
Delphine Sauvaget has covered the walls in cherry wood to create a warm and inviting box. On the floor, three types of wood run across, intersect and intertwine in a pattern reminiscent of the floor in the Villa Necchi in Milan. 

Here, a skilful blend of inspirations unfolds between the worlds of Art deco and current partsThe exhibition is a testament to the meeting of the ages.

In the manner of a contemporary cabinet of curiositymiscellaneous antiques in a majestic oak bookcase, while the velvet of the banquettes gives it a warm, welcoming feel. soft mood and cosy.


The perfect conditions to introduce anyone to the art of wine tasting and to experience an unforgettable experience. suspended moment.