Easter at Les Sources de Caudalie: a magical day for all the family

21 February 2024
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For children:


Approaching Easter, a magical atmosphere settles in at Les Sources de Caudalie

Our young guests are invited to live enchanting moments through artistic workshops, an ecological stroll, chocolate adventures, and an exciting egg hunt.

In this enchanted realm, children are poised to experience a world where joy and discovery reign supreme.

We are delighted to offer the following activities for children and families during our Easter weekend at Les Sources de Caudalie.


Craft Activities:

To awaken the creativity of your children, the small castle at Les Sources de Caudalie becomes the ideal workshop for decorating wooden birdhouses and "baillots" (wooden baskets originally used for grape harvesting). Guided by a French-speaking facilitator, the little artists can express their creativity through painting, coloring, and collage.

The wooden birdhouses and "baillots," once transformed by their artistic hands, will become true works of art.

At the end of the workshop, the creations will be kept by the children.

Decorating Wooden Birdhouses: Saturday, March 30 

Decorating Wooden Baskets: Sunday, March 31 


Ecological Stroll:

To raise awareness about ecology and biodiversity, we invite children to discover our ecosystem through an entertaining ecological stroll. We will start the journey at 3 p.m. with a visit to the Bee Garden, the draft horses, orchards, vegetable garden, and chicken coop. Children will have the opportunity to visit the kitchens of the Michelin-starred Chef Nicolas Masse, adding a gourmet dimension to this educational experience.

Sunday, 31 March, at 3.pm.


The enchanted world of Woompa: a chocolate adventure

Immerse yourself in the colorful world of the Woompa family, chocolatiers in search of the flavor of the year.

Their method? Playing with children to relive their childhood and rediscover their lost imagination!

After the games, the Woompas will reward the children by letting them taste their famous chocolates. However, to savor these precious delights, one must overcome challenges.

A magical and delectable activity!

Monday, April 1, at 3 p.m.er April from 10am to 11.30am


Egg hunt:

Easter day will conclude with the traditional egg hunt organized in the gardens of Les Sources de Caudalie. Children will receive their beautifully decorated baskets to embark on the search for hidden eggs.

Before the start of the hunt, a group photo in front of the vine bearers will immortalize this magical moment.

Monday, April 1, at 3 p.m.er April at 3pm


At Les Sources de Caudalie, Easter becomes an adventure where art, nature, treats, and magic blend to create unforgettable memories.


More information :

All these activities are exclusively reserved for the young guests of the hotel and are entirely free of charge.

To ensure an optimal experience, registration of children with the hotel is required.

Activities are subject to cancellation depending on the number of participants and weather conditions.

For gourmets :


Cooking classes

Every month, Chef Nicolas Masse's team opens the doors of his kitchens to reveal all their culinary secrets. These courses are an invitation to a journey of taste, followed by lunch at La Grand'Vigne, a 2-star Michelin restaurant. A unique opportunity to master the subtleties of the culinary arts.

Saturdays 16 March, 13 April, 18 May, 15 June, 20 July and 17 August from 10am to 1pm, by prior arrangement.



Wine enthusiasts, come together every month for a wine tasting initiation with our Chief Sommelier. The sessions are followed by a lunch at La Grand'Vigne. An immersion into the world of grape varieties, flavors, and food-wine pairings that will delight epicureans.

Saturdays 16 March, 13 April, 25 May, 22 June, 27 July and 24 August from 10am to 1pm, by prior arrangement.


Pastry classeserie

Family gourmet afternoons take on a whole new meaning with pastry classes led by our Pastry Chef, Anthony Chenoz. Dive into the world of sweetness with recipes that are as delicious as they are fun. Moments of sharing and delight for the enjoyment of both young and old.

23 March (Easter chocolate workshop), 22 June Dec. 23 ("La Grand Vigne" themed workshop) from 3pm to 5pm, by prior arrangement.

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Photo - Easter at Sources de Caudalie: a magical day for little artists, explorers and all the family LesSourcesDeCaudalie NegroniDesVignes ©Itshenriette Mai2023 1 scaled e1709202904685



Mixology workshop

The passionate team at the French Paradox guides cocktail enthusiasts through a flavorful and creative journey. Participants have the opportunity to learn the delicate art of handling a shaker, uncover the secrets of mixology, and craft unique beverages under the expert supervision of seasoned mixologists. An ideal activity to explore the fascinating world of cocktails, blending refined flavors and innovative preparation techniques.

Every afternoon, Monday to Thursday, at 3.30pm, by prior arrangement.


Tea Time

We offer you the exquisite experience of "Tea Time" to tantalise your taste buds. This gourmet rendez-vous invites you to savour a delicious snack accompanied by exquisite choices: whether you opt for a sumptuous cake, a comforting hot drink or even a glass of sparkling champagne, every bite and every sip is a celebration of life's simple pleasures.

Every Saturday and Sunday from 2.45pm to 5pm.

For Adventurers:


Vineyards by Bike

Cycle through the vineyards, with mechanical bikes available and electric bikes on request.


Forest of the Senses

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Land'Art with a trail of incredible works scattered around the Forest of Senses.

Photo - Easter at the Sources de Caudalie: a magical day for little artists, explorers and all the family LesSourcesDeCheverny Nature ©MPMorel 2020 16 scaled e1709203143998
Photo - Easter at Sources de Caudalie: a magical day for little artists, explorers and all the family SDC Yoga RodolpheCellier 2019 2 scaled e1709203520177

For sports enthusiasts:



Charline guides participants towards an hour of well-being through yoga.

Every Saturday at 9am, by prior arrangement.


Sports coaching

Coach Julien offers tailor-made coaching sessions for the whole family, on request.


Tennis lesson

Private lessons with coach Julien, for adults or children, on request. Free-access court with rackets on request from reception.