Bordeaux from Paris: An International Guide to Get to Les Sources de Caudalie

20 June 2023

Bordeaux. A city that is synonymous with wine. As the world’s wine capital, Bordeaux and its countryside are the ultimate destination for wine lovers. There you will find the fertile grounds home to its precious grapes, the centuries old architecture that was built thanks to the fortunes that were made from its wine production as well as a culinary diversity spanning from fresh oysters from Bordeaux shores to the city’s signature delicacy: the canelé.

Remote enough from the crowdedness of Bordeaux to be peaceful and exclusive yet close enough to enjoy the city’s vibrant atmosphere, Les Sources de Caudalie is a five-star haven for wine enthusiasts.


Just like Bordeaux, Les Sources de Caudalie has put wine as the guiding star of its identity, with luxurious suites and rooms a few steps away from the prestigious Château Smith-Lafitte, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant, a wine-bar and finally, its vinotherapic spa.


The hotel is located in Martillac, which is a 30-minute drive from Bordeaux, either by taxi or personal car.

Bordeaux from Paris: By Car

One of the main advantages of driving to Bordeaux from Paris by car is that a considerable amount of wineries are located in the countryside and are only accessible by car. Traveling from Paris to Bordeaux by car thus enables visitors to have more flexibility and more independence during their stay in the Bordeaux region. The journey from Paris to Bordeaux is a little more than 6 hours, depending on traffic. It is highly recommended to take a break every two hours when driving such a long distance.


Luckily, the route goes through gorgeous cities such as Orléans, Tours and Poitiers, which are all historic places where a well-earned lunch can be savored whilst admiring each city’s architecture.

Bordeaux from Paris: By Train

Since the high-speed railway was opened a few years ago, Parisians have become accustomed to go on a one-day trip to Bordeaux thanks to its incredibly short train journey. While it takes a little more than six hours by car, the train journey from Bordeaux to Paris is only two-hour long.


For visitors taking the Eurostar or the Thalys to Paris and then traveling from Paris to Bordeaux, they will first arrive in Gare du Nord train station and will need to get to Montparnasse station, where trains leave from Paris towards Bordeaux Saint-Jean train station. The metro line number 4 conveniently links the two stations in 30 minutes, alternatively, taxis are always parked outside each station.

Bordeaux from Paris: By Plane

The Bordeaux-Mérignac airport welcomes visitors from major European cities such as London, Zurich, Rome, Barcelona, Milan and Geneva. Visitors who travel by plane from the five continents land in Paris - Charles De Gaulle (CDG) airport, which is France’s biggest airport. Most people aren’t aware that it is possible to travel from Paris - CDG airport to Bordeaux airport: a hassle-free connecting flight since it is not necessary to leave the airport in order to take a train or to hire a car. Still, if visitors want to leave the airport to discover the city of lights before heading to Bordeaux, the RER B line connects Paris - CDG airport with Gare du Nord station.


When traveling from Paris to Bordeaux, or from Bordeaux to Paris, Les Sources de Caudalie’s devoted concierge service is here to arrange any transfers from one location to another, including taxis to the airport or to the train station, as well as providing guests with helpful information and tips to make their journey as smooth as possible.