A second phase of decoration at Les Sources de Caudalie

8 June 2023
A second wave of freshness at Sources de Caudalie 


In 2022, Les Sources de Caudalie embarked on a veritable renewal, with the renovation of the historic buildings, the Reception and the two-starred restaurant La Grand'Vigne, 2023 follows on from this with a brand new look for two other buildings.


Before exploring the decorative details and inspirations, let's take a look at the layout of the Palace des Vignes to get a better idea of its world. The hotel was built as a hamlet of 6 independent houses, each inspired by the heritage of the Aquitaine region.


La Bastide des Grands CrusThis historic building, renovated in 2022, evokes the region's winegrowing heritage, the foundation of Sources de Caudalie.

Comptoir des IndesThe building, which will be renovated in 2022, takes us back to the days of Bordeaux's Atlantic trade and the Oriental colonies.

The Hare House was built in the style of a Landes house (renovated in 2023).

La Grange au Bâteau echoes the neighbouring waters of the Garonne and the Bay of Arcachon, as well as the salt marshes of the Ile de Ré (to be renovated in 2023).

The Fishermen's Village represents this string of cabanes tchanquées, architectural marvels of the Bay of Arcachon (Created in 2015).

Finally, theÎle aux Oiseauxthe one and only reigning over the lake, invokes the basin's beautiful nature reserve (renovated by the Rabih Kayrouz in 2019).


Alice Tourbier and Delphine Sauvaget have once again co-signed this new set for the Hare House and Grange au Bâteauwith architects Collet & Muller.


The Hare Housewith its bucolic accents of a Landes country house, has been designed with cottage chic in mind. An invitation to relax, nature reclaims its rights. On the walls, strong shades of green create an enveloping, cosy environment. The mineral colours and relief of the Bruder fabrics welcome the light and provide a breath of fresh air. Made-to-measure fittings in light oak and antique furniture in raw materials give pride of place to the natural surroundings. Framed, we find works by Lia Rochas, custom woven creations by Julie Robert and charming miniature oil paintings depicting ancient landscapes. In the bathrooms, the majestic Sarrancolin marble takes us on a journey to the heart of the Pyrenees, with its bluish-grey, pinkish and dark-red fragments.

Photo - A second phase of decoration at Sources de Caudalie Maison du lievre soleil couchant GdeLaubier 2014 3 scaled e1686212169883
LesSourcesDeCaudalie_MaisonDuLièvre_24_©Itshenriette_May2023 (8)
LesSourcesDeCaudalie_MaisonDuLièvre_24_©Itshenriette_May2023 (5)

Aboard the Grange au BâteauThis is a peaceful walk on the water.

As for the paintwork, the interior designer worked on inverting the colours in the high-ceilinged rooms. Chalk and chalky tones meet the muted tones of carbon. The custom-designed furniture and fittings in mahogany, with their rounded corners, instantly plunge us into the interior of a ship's cabin. Just like the antique stone furniture and brushed steel light fittings. As for the paintings, old engravings of Bordeaux cohabit easily with the series of works of art. Blue Frame by the artist Gaultier Rimbault-Joffard, created especially for the hotel, and the Strong waters by Jules Dupré.

After sailing up the corridors of our boat, it's time to moor up on an island on the Atlantic coast. Île de Ré. The building's three Suites have been specially decorated. The raw linen fabrics and creations by Matthias Biberon are reminiscent of a seaside cabin. They echo the spirit of the driftwood of the salt marshes and the wooden cladding inside the houses of the Ré region.

Photo - A second phase of decoration at Sources de Caudalie View Ext GB and Vent du large staircase MCellard 2011
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Two unique worlds and a shared spirit of nature make each stay unique.