Our bees at the heart of our ecosystem

30 April 2024
bees and flowers (2)

At the heart of the Sources de Caudalie estate, a slight buzz animates the gardens.


Our bees are coming out again - spring is here!


These precious workers, whose place in our ecosystem is crucial, play a key role in the philosophy of our establishment. We invite you to discover all the benefits of our residents. 


As essential pollinators, bees play a key role in maintaining biodiversity. By pollinating flowers in search of nectar and pollen, they ensure the reproduction of plants and flowers, on which many plant and animal species depend. Thanks to their fascinating work, our gardens teem with life, offering a colorful spectacle to our visitors.


Alice Tourbier has installed beehives near the kitchen garden. “This decision is all the more important as bee populations are in sharp decline due to pesticides. Bees provide better pollination and ensure good harvests,” she explains. In their honor, the site has been renamed Le Jardin des Abeilles..

The installation of beehives on our estate demonstrates our commitment to the preservation of local biodiversity. These beehives are not just self-sufficient structures; they symbolize our willingness to take active steps to support the ecosystem around us.


By hosting these hives, we are helping to preserve bee populations, which are essential to the pollination of many plant species in our region. Bees play a vital role in preserving plant diversity and maintaining the ecological balance.


Whether you're a nature lover, a gourmet in search of new flavors or simply curious to discover the fascinating world of bees, we invite you to come and share this unique adventure with us, in the heart of the Sources de Caudalie.